1.2 mm Purfling
1.2 mm Purfling
1.2 mm Purfling
Product image 11.2 mm Purfling
Product image 21.2 mm Purfling
Product image 31.2 mm Purfling

1.2 mm Purfling

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The individual pieces are about 80 cm long (~31 in) and are sold as a set of three (sufficient for one violin/viola).

Layer thickness: 0.3 mm / 0.6 mm / 0.3 mm (Note: Depending on the production batch, humidity etc. the exact thickness of the purfling can vary (up to ~10%)).

Total height of strip: 1.8 mm

Photo explanation

A Fiber-Maple-Fiber

B Maple-Maple-Maple

C Fiber-Pear-Fiber

D Maple-Pear-Maple

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